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This game is a Mix and Game Jam game made in under 48 hours by a 14 year old indie developer in Unity.

You control a drop of water and your task is to collect as many stars as possible. To make your job easier switch between states of matter! Each state has its own unique characteristic. 

  1. Solid - Heavy, kills germs if dropped on, but slow and low jump
  2. Liquid - Passes through metal bars but, medium jump
  3. Gas - Jumps high

The Inspiration for "the switching between states of matter mechanic" was Quantum Conundrum where you can switch between heavy, normal and light states to solve puzzles.

Avoid germs at all cost as you would lose a life if you touch them. To get rid of the germs switch to the solid state (using left or right mouse buttons) and jump on them.

Just like any game this game also has rules. Here are some of them.

  • Max amount of lives is 2
  • Stars will never spawn in the same place as last time.
  • If the state of matter is switched then the next state will still be able to jump. For example, you can reach higher platforms by jumping as a gas, then switch to liquid and jump again. This way you can achieve a triple jump.

All animations and sprites were all drawn by the same guy during the jam. (Except for the wooden planks as the borders. Sorry I ran out of time. :( )


Movement - AWSD

Jumping - Space

Switch State - Left/Right Mouse Click

This is my first time participating in a game jam. I hope you enjoyed it and a huge thanks to all who downloaded and played it. 🙏

Sorry for the block of text.


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